My Favorite Place to Live

In the world there are many places to live like Hawaii, the Alps, Yellowstone and Lake Louis in Canada.  I would like to live in all places.  But, the place  I would really want to live is Ocean Park, Maine.  I would want to live there because my grand parents have a Bed and Breakfast there, the beach is less than a block away, and the shuffleboard courts are right down the street.

The BillowHouse is the name of the Bed & Breakfast that my grandparents own in Ocean Park.  If I lived in Ocean Park I could help them in the Winters  by cleaning the rooms.  Another great thing about BillowHouse is that my grandmother makes superb food. The best reason for liking BillowHouse is that they have the nicest rooms, especially the one with the hot tub.

I hate always driving an hour and half to go to the beach. Don’t you? But if you lived in Ocean Park you could be closer than a block away from it.  In Ocean Park you can go tot he beach anytime you want with your parents permission.  The water is a tad chilly but after a long, difficult day it feels great. Also the sand makes an excellent spot to play sports like volleyball and football.

If you like to play shuffleboard Ocean Park is the place to be because it’s only one block away.  If you haven’t played shuffleboard Ocean Park is the place to be because lots of people can teach it to you. I love shuffleboard!!!! In the summer there is a tournament every Thursday and if I could drive I would be up every Thursday..  After playing you can always stop to get something to drink at the Variety Store.

There are many great places to live on Earth it just depends on you personality.  I know I didn’t pick the flashiest place in the world  like some of my friends but it’s one of the places I love most, small, old, Ocean Park.  I Love it because the beach is close, the shuffleboard is right down the street, and my grandparents have a bed and breakfast there. I love Ocean Park!!!

Matt Kerrigan



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